Saturday, December 16, 2017

Boa Vista Island

Cabo Verde Tours 2012





It’s a true pleasure meeting the island of Boa Vista in Cabo Verde! The tour begins in Rabil, the second largest city on the island, where you will visit an oasis named the Fonte Vicente. Then drive through Curral Velho, Ervatão beach where lunch is scheduled at the Fundo das Figueiras – a small picturesque village. 

Minimum 4 people.
Duration: 09h00 to 16h00.

In the beginning of the tour there is a scheduled stop at
Cabo de Santa Maria, afterwards is a drive around the incomprehensible dunes of desert Viana and Rabil.


Minimum 4 people.
Duration: 08h45 to 12h30 (approximately). 4X4 PICK UP

The tour starts from the town of Rabil (the second largest city on the island) with its rich vegetation and water sources (ribeiras). Then we will follow the road towards Povoação Velha, the oldest town on the island, from where we will head down to the Santa Monica beach. On the way back to Rabil we will stop at the make a stop at the Varandinha beach Grotto (Gruta da praia da Varandinha)

Minimum 4 people.
Duration: 08h45 to 12h30 (approximately)

Drive and walk through the old city capital of Sal Rei, where the influence of Jewish traditions and history of piracy are clearly visible. Here, in a traditional Sobrado, you will get to know the typical crafts and products of the island.

Minimum 8 people.
Duration: 10h00 to 12h30 (approximately)

RALLY FUN QUAD - 2 HOURS – Single passenger bike
For those of you who have never experimented riding a quad bike, we suggest you try an exciting ride over the  dunes of the ponta do Morro D'Areia, in the desert and all the way to the Atlantic coast, in Chaves Bay.

Starts at 14h15 (Hotel Iberostar) or 14h45 (Hotel Riu Karamboa).

Welcome to the end of the world!
Located in a natural reserve in northern Boavista in an old fishing village with an italian style décor that will  help you get into the spirit and philosophy of ecology. Here we offer you unforgettable traditional dinner that will open up new and different taste sensations (surcharge for lobster - 10 dollars).

Tour begins at 10h00 and the return to the hotel is scheduled for after dinner.


Get acquainted with the corners and bends of Ribeira, on a horse.

Maximum weight - 80 kg
1 Hour / 2 Hours

Traditional dinner around the desert with splashing water. Included 1 drink per person.

Minimum 10 people
Duration: 19h30 to 23h00. Transfer is included


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