Saturday, December 16, 2017

Madeira Island Tours 2012


1.   Boat trip to the Desertas islands - A trip on a beautifully designed and elegant sailboat for a whole day with lunch.
2.    A typical Maderian night with dinner, folklore and Fado.

3.    Half-day sightseeing tour to Funchal + Eira de Serrado – An introduction of the capital city and the central interior of the island. The city of Funchal is the administrative and tourist center of Madeira Island.
Fall in love with the city once and for all with its charming basalt and limestone pavements and squares along with its varied architecture. The Sé
Cathedral, located in the city centre, was built in 1514. Surrounding the cathedral are several historic buildings and shops. The Forte São Tiago, built in 1614 in order to protect the city from pirate attacks, is one of the main attractions in the charming old area of Funchal known to locals as the “Zona Velha”. Leaving Funchal, the next stop is the Eira do Serrado viewpoint located 1km above the extinct volcano
crater surrounded by a spectacular mountain landscape. The captivating beauty of the mountains will enchant you as they slope down directly into the Curral das Freiras – Valley of the Nuns.

belvedere de_balcoes_madere_red4.   Santana – Full-day tour of the eastern part Madeira Island - 7-8 hours – Drive up to the highest point in Madeira, Pico do Areeiro. Following Pico do Areeiro, visit Ribeiro Frio, where you will encounter a rainbow trout farm and go on a short levada walk along the Levada da Vereda dos Balcões in the unique Laurissilva (Laurel forest).
Next stop is in Camacha, famous for its manual production of wicker products from local vines (from small to large pieces of decorative furniture).
Following Camacha is a visit to Santana, a charming city in nothern Madeira Island with unique typical houses. Next stop is the Ponta de São Lourenço, then Machico, the second largest city in Madeira with a man-made golden sand beach. Leisure time at the beach or for lunch at a seafood restaurant may be possible upon request. Lunch is not included in the tour price. 
5.    Porto Moniz – Full-Day tour of the western part of Madeira Island- A fascinating trip that begins with a stop in Camara de Lobos, a typical fishing village at the foot of the highest cliff in Europe, Cabo Girão. Here we will get the opportunity to taste the famous Madeira wine. Then, crossing the island, we will reach the town of São Vicente on the northern coast near Porto Moniz. This village is famous for its natural pools formed by volcanic lava. A stop is scheduled for lunch, to buy traditional crafts, and /or a swim in pools. After lunch, drive up to the plateau of Paul da Serra (1500m above sea level) through a picturesque mountain road. Do not forget your cameras to capture the unique views of mountain peaks and snow-white clouds! Through these exciting landscapes, easy and effortlessly a fascinating story is told. Lunch not included in the tour price. PortoSanto

6.    A trip to the island of Porto Santo - a two-hour ferry ride from the port of Funchal to the island of Porto Santo. This island belongs to the archipelago of Madeira, and is famous for its long golden beach, as well as the for fact that Columbus once lived on the island (Mandatory visit to the Columbus Museum where Columbus once resided) 
levada rib_frio_red7.    A Levada Walk - 6 + hours - The best way to experience the natural beauty of Madeira and its mountain system is on a walk along the Levada. These narrow waterways are located around the mountains and valleys, and sometimes pass through tunnels, and normally stretch for miles! Their very structure can most likely be compared with the Egyptian pyramids. This was an enclosed job that lasted many generations! The most beautiful of these routes are through the Laurissilva forest which was preserved by the earth after the Ice Age and is protected by UNESCO today. Be sure to wear gym shoes and be prepared to exercise - to pass 16 km through the Laurissilva forest! We recommend and offer the beautiful Caldeirão Verde Levada.
Dolphins-018.    Catamaran trips - a pleasant 3 hour ride on a catamaran. This is a great opportunity to view dolphins, whales, sea turtles and the stunning and surprising landscapes of Madeira
Island from a different perspective! Highly recommended!
9.    Sail on the Santa Maria Flagship – Go on an unforgettable 3-hour trip on a replica of Columbus´s Santa Maria Flagship. Feel as if you're a pioneer and enjoy the meeting the inhabitants
of the Atlantic Ocean! Enjoy a sample of Madeira wine along with a traditional cake right in the middle of the ocean, an experience that you will remember for a long time!

10Fishing - We offerprofessional sport fishing trips (marlin, tuna and other large fish). If you are not interested to charter a ship as a whole, you may get an opportunity to join a group of fishermen (please contact us for details)
11Tandem Flight/Paragliding w/instructor
12Funchal Bay by Day Airplane tour / 35 min -  (max. 3 people, transfer to airport)
131 hour: Donkey ride - Price: €40.00/per person, Pony rides  
14Horseback riding for experts  
15Bird Watching 
16. Dinner with a show at the Casino - On Friday and Saturday after dinner you can have fun in the Copacabana disco or gamble at the Casino. 
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