With an eye to adding in fresh formulas that revamp and broaden the range of options we have to offer, and, as such, meet the ever-increasing demand for original and enhancing events allied to a healthy and creative atmosphere, the COSTA AZUL AQUA RAID introduces an innovative Raid dynamic with its aquatic version. It’s like a treasure hunt, but conducted in semi-rigid boats. Obviously, and more essentially for security-related and other reasons, the organization has to oversee it. However, those piloting the boats merely take part passively, just following the teams’ instructions.The COSTA AZUL AQUA RAID takes place in the River Sado Estuary. “Some kilometers southeast of the city of Setúbal lies the Sado estuary. Owing to the importance of the natural characteristics of zones in the area, namely, its wetlands set off by the beauty of the surrounding area, these has been integrated into a Natural Reserve... Of the animal life present in the Reserve, we would highlight some mammals such as otters, dolphins, civets, badgers and foxes. Some hundred-odd species of birds migrate to the Reserve, the most common of which are white storks, black-winged stilts, water-hens, kingfishers, kites…”After the teams arrive (by now, duly organized), we will give a briefing to explain the rules governing the COSTA AZUL AQUA RAID. Once everyone is onboard and ready to go, the teams leave. The adventure’s begun!!!Solving enigmas, deciphering messages, answering quizzes, and armed with maps and compasses, the teams will arrive at the next checkpoint and then on to the following clue.Clues are put in the most interesting places so as to “make” participants go to these points. Nearing the closing moments - and after all how could it be otherwise, since at the end of the day this is really a sort of Treasure Hunt - teams will come upon their last challenge. Discover and dig up the treasure (chocolate coins and pirates’ bandanas). All we wish everyone is - Good Luck! And if they discover the keys to the treasure, perhaps they’ll also discover sufficient reward to dismiss the inevitable little bruises left by such an incredible adventure.

world travel awards1

World´s Leading Destination 2018 – Portugal

World´s Leading City Destination 2018 – Lisbon

World´s Leading Island Destination 2018 – Madeira Islands

World´s Leading City Hotel 2018 – Corinthia Hotel Lisbon

World´s Leading Classic Hotel 2018 – Olissippo Lapa Palace

World´s Leading Design Hotel 2018 – The Vine Hotel

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