SINTRA RAID 4X4 program is one full of adventure and powerful thrills, where participants will be put to discovering hidden trails in the Sintra hills by themselves. Using road-books, they will be able to beat a path to forests, monuments, and wide-open spaces. The games and obstacles they’ll encounter en route are accessible to everyone, encouraging conviviality and fun.After teams (already duly organized) arrive, we start on a briefing to clarify any doubts as to the SINTRA RAID 4X4 rules. When everyone’s ready, we start sending off teams in relays. The adventure’s begun!!!The SINTRA RAID 4x4 participants will learn why Afonso Lopes Vieira wrote: “Sintra is one of the most beautiful and rarest places that the prodigious invention of nature has labored to create”. The Lagoa Azul, the Ribeira da Mula Dam, Fojo da Adraga, Cabo da Roca,... all these will unfold before them as participants calmly discovers which path to take. For classification purposes and obvious safety reasons, the time jeeps take to cover the route will not be counted in terms of rapidity but in the accomplishment of the targets set. GAMES — By deciphering enigmas and messages, and answering quizzes, teams will be able to go to the next checkpoint and then on to the next game. Upon arriving at Lagoa de Cima, participants will come across the 1st game — SLIDE: Teams will have to slide down a completely taught cable hanging at an angle to the ground to get to the other side, where they’ll find the next road-book. Again in the jeeps, solving enigmas they uncover along the way, teams will arrive at Cabeço de Sousa, where they’ll find the 2nd game — ELEVATOR – Employing a simple system of ropes and pulleys, teams will hoist up one of their members, secured to the other end of a rope, equipped with the proper safety equipment, in order to find the 3rd road-book. On cliff tops near the sea, they’ll find the 3rd Game - ARCHERY CONTEST: Only by hitting the target will participants get to the 4th and last road-book.The trip is over, but Sintra... will never be forgotten.

world travel awards1

World´s Leading Destination 2018 – Portugal

World´s Leading City Destination 2018 – Lisbon

World´s Leading Island Destination 2018 – Madeira Islands

World´s Leading City Hotel 2018 – Corinthia Hotel Lisbon

World´s Leading Classic Hotel 2018 – Olissippo Lapa Palace

World´s Leading Design Hotel 2018 – The Vine Hotel

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