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Leaving the asphalt roads and all the asphyxiating comforts of civilization far behind. we head for the offbeat places hidden deep in the Sintra mountain range, traveling in a suitably equipped jeep, in the hands of experienced drivers. feeling the full exhilaration of cross-country exploring, splashing through the mud and water in the middle of the exotically luxurious vegetation of the Sintra game reserves, or cruising along the crest of the ridges with the full panorama spread out before us. We will journey into the heart of the Sintra Mountains, discovering little villages and convents on a delightful trip of carefree leisure and excitement. Cruising on, we will see in front of us the Sintra mountain range in all its glory, the neighboring villages, the breathtaking Guincho Beach from where we will reach the western-most tip of the European Continent : the Roca Cape. A Wine tasting in local wine cellar can take place during the afternoon. At the final, we will have a helicopter sightseeing (some 6 mins. in the air) flying over magnificent scenery, showing the whole of the Sintra hills, picturesque villages and abrupt drops, or sometimes smooth slopes, down to the ocean. Even when the trip is over, we’re sure you’ll never forget Sintra. The trip is over, but Sintra... will never be forgotten.

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