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Santiago de Compostela - the third holy city of the Catholic world (after Rome and Jerusalem).

In the city´s Cathedral, according to legend, are buried the remains of the Apostle James found in the IX. Since then, in the early middle Ages Santiago de Compostela was the center of pilgrimage for Christians who came here on foot from all over Europe. This journey, which still exists today is called “The Way of Saint James” and thanks to which the city received the name" Christian Mecca. "

Santiago da Compostela´s old part of town, as well as "The Way of Saint James' are included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The tour runs through the old part of town. Its main visit is to the Cathedral - a religious shrine of the Catholic world. In addition, tourists will see a number of monumental buildings, unique medieval streets and squares, as well as ancient buildings of the University, which recently celebrated its 500th anniversary.

Walking tour of the city, lasts approximately 4 hours (extra 1:00 gives free time to visit the souvenir shops and independent walks around the city).

Souvenirs and handicrafts: various images of religious shrines and other items related to "The Way of St James'; silverware, including agate (black amber), almond cake," Torta de Santiago "

Entrance fees are not included in the tour price.


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