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During this tour you will get the wonderful opportunity to visit one of the finest estates of northern Portugal, visit the two capitals of winemaking Amarante and Régua and drive through one of the most beautiful roads in Europe.

The Baroque Era, a symbol of XVIII century Portugal, is distinguished by its exotics origins from what we see in other countries.

The Palace of Mateus (Palácio de Mateus) was built in the first half of XVIII century, with the assistance of Nicholas Nazoni. This stunning palace is surrounded by beautiful gardens and is considered as one of the brightest specimens of civil architecture of the Baroque era in Portugal.

Inside the palace you will see magnificent wooden ceilings, pieces of furniture of different periods, art from the XVII-XVIII centuries, silverware and ceramics, and the palace library, which holds a remarkable edition of "The Lusiadas"

The journey continues up the Douro river through the areas that the Marquis de Pombal in the middle of the XVIII century deemed necessary to the cultivation of grapes for the production of port. The upper river offers views of vineyards, mansions, villas, chapels and the railway the runs along the river. This is where the Portuguese believe is one the most picturesque places in the country - a wonderful example of a traditional European wine-producing region, and due to its unique integrity and security is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is not by coincidence that the Portuguese say that the history of the Upper Douro, is a history of Port Wine. Among the terraces, the red-tiled roofs, vineyards are the wineries where the port wine is produced in the autum and sent to the cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia in the spring. On the Douro hilltops, you will be able to see signs with huge letters displaying the names and logos of the local wine-making companies. These logos can be seen from a distance and show off a unique landscape of the Douro shore.

In the town of Amarante you will find the historic center of country and the famous Church of St. Gonçalo - the patron saint of brides and grooms.

Tour Starts at: 9.30

Tour Ends at: 17:30-18:00

Please note that there is an additional entry charge at the Casa de Mateus


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