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The increasing popularity of individual and group tours in Portugal is newly acquired and is nothing unusual. In fact, it is something of great importance since, traveling alone, creating your own itinerary, not mingling with other group elements and following their interests and activities, allows a certain freedom of choice and satisfaction

Take a break from work and let us handle your dream vacation. Along with the advice and help of our team, and of course based on your choices and preferences, we can develop an individual itinerary with tours to historical and cultural attractions, a business trip, organize individual tours, a golf itinerary or a family holiday

Our specialists in custom-tourism offer a unique opportunity to for you to discover your own world, to follow your spiritual values, and, plan your trip according to your most convenient time of the year. Join a group of friends or a set off on an individual adventure

Travelling this way avoids colliding with large groups of people who might follow the same path and allows you to enjoy lunch or dinner at restaurants in safety. Restaurants are carefully selected by our qualified team according to your taste

We offer customized tours, with programs planned for small groups and companies that may include business, sightseeing and adventure tours

It is an unusual type vacation for an individual with family, friends, business partners or simply alone and is sure to fill one´s life with new colors and open one’s eyes to an unfamiliar culture allowing one to rest, gather strength, relax and have fun

One big advantage of FIT is that you can make your own decisions calmly and without haste and without being dependent on time and schedules. Visiting new and favorite places will make your experience more complete and enjoyable

Finally, upon your return, you will have accumulated a lot of wonderful pictures that you will definitely want to share!

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Europe's Leading Destination 2020 – Portugal

Europe's Leading Beach Destination 2020 – Algarve

Europe's Leading Island Destination 2020 – Madeira Islands

Europe's Leading City Break Destination 2020 – Lisbon

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