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Crystal blue waters of the Atlantic ocean, coastal cliffs covered in pine forests, amazing caves and endless miles of golden beach... all this in the Algarve!  This vivid and vibrant destination greets the hot sun all year round. The exquisite natural beauty, old traditions and new trends, side by side with incredible tales told by local residents is typical of a modern European culture.

The mild climate, seafood rich cuisine, orange groves, almond and olive plantations, luxury hotels and excellent service attracts thousands of tourists from around the world.

Today, throughout the year, the Algarve is the largest resort destination in Portugal and is the main choice for a beach lover’s summer vacation and warm winter fans. The Algarve is recognized around the world due to its totally unspoiled environment and the variety of sports that you can practice. In any season, a beautiful golf course, horse riding, tennis, walking and a variety of water sports await for you.

The Algarve, a land of fishermen, is a true paradise for lovers of seafood. Local restaurants delight visitors with a wide variety of seafood dishes. Here you can

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enjoy a succulent lobster, grilled sardines and their excellent and famous casseroles. Traditional dishes are showered with the famous Algarve green wine or “Medronheira" (brandy) and will make you want to repeat it again and again. The local cuisine is famous for its desserts. Here you will find amazing delicacies such as orange marmalade, almond marizpan, fruit pudding and chocolate cake.

 All cities in the Algarve have their own personality. The inhabitants are proud of their traditions and esteem them with tenderness. There are proposals for large-scale tours and excursions in Algarve that will not leave any family member indifferent.

The Algarve is famous throughout Europe for its diverse nightlife that includes famous discos and clubs. During the summer, MTV,a frequent visitor to the Cosmopolitan Algarve, broadcasts a program of the beaches and marinas in the Algarve.

The ocean is rich in wildlife and is an inviting place for anglers. The more adventurous tourists will certainly not refuse a shark hunting tour! Due to its location, the Algarve attracts all types of fans of tourism. Travel to any neighboring city, Lisbon (the capital) or even to Seville!

Welcome to the Algarve!

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